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Hello! We are The Spinning Wheels.

   This band began in a sandbox in New York City forty-five years ago when Paul Mandry and John Toolan would play together on the Upper East Side of New York City. Paul and John moved to different suburbs, but stayed friends by seeing concerts and traveling together. They both began playing guitar as teenagers and eventually played a bit together. Both are teachers.

A few years ago, they reconnected and started playing some of the songs John had been writing for the last twenty years. Both had been involved in several bands before The Spinning Wheels, but neither had recorded an album. With the help of Anne, Mike (another longtime friend of John's), Peter, and Dwight, they were able to form a band that really seemed to understand the songs from the getgo.

   After rehearsing some in New York City over the 2007 holidays, the band decided to pursue the project at a distance, recording the rhythm guitar, lead vocals, harmonica and drums in Durango, CO (where John and Peter live) and the remainder of the instruments and voices in Soho (near where the rest of the band resides). A year later, Hummingbird World is the result. The band hopes to get together in the summer of play live and then head back into the studio to record another album.

Back in Durango, Matt Robinson and Mark Strawn joined the band on lead guitar and bass/vocal harmony respectfully. Now the band is enjoying a vareity of gigs in the Four Corners area.

Mark Strawn on bass

Peter Ortego on drums

Paul Mandry, lead guitar and vocals

Darcy Cole (guitar and vocals), John Toolan (guitar, harmonica and vocals) and Matt Robinson (lead guitar)

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